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Calming Signals 101 

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Toxic Food for Your Dog


1st Day With Your Puppy 

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Home Furnishing Items for your dog

As dogs get closer to human space, we get to share many things. Many items are made for our paw buddy as well. I have made some selections of items you may be interested in your dog. FIRST MARRON BED FROM PETSSOGOOD.COM Marron Bed From Pessogood is...

5 Websites that dog owners must bookmark.

Hello, dog moms and dads.   As a first-time dog parent,  I am sure you are very excited and nervous about your new puppy and have a great plan for a joyful companionship.  But, there will also be responsibilities when taking care of your wonderful...

#100DaysOfWriting Challenge

#100DaysOfWriting #fornewbies #digitalmarketing Recently, a friend of mine Philip Cho sent me an article and I read it.  I took it to the heart because it was just a wake-up call. Almost like an a-ha moment.   First, let me share the link with you and give...

Can you fake your death in front of your dog?

Faking your own death in front of your dog. I am sure that we all tried this at least once. But, will it work? Try and see what happens. What happens when you try to fake your own death in front of your dog? Your dog knows that you are not dead.Dogs are really good...

Does your dog like hugging?

I know this question will upset many dog owners. But in general, dogs don’t like to be hugged. WHAT!!! Of course, there are alwasy exeption to this statement. Generally speaking, dogs will accept huggins as a threat or rude gesture. They don’t usually like it. But,...

How can I stop my dog from pulling on the leash?

The reasons your dog pulls are very simple. You have allowed your dog to pull.You have encouraged this behavior.And the behavior simply kept on repeating.Now it is a habit for your dog, and it is a bad and stressful one. YOUR DOG PULLING LEASH? It is very stressful....

The Easiest Puppy Potty Training in 7 Days

YES!! Simply follow the schedule for 7 days and you will have a housetrained puppy. ”Just Follow the Schedule below” Sample schedule for 3Hour Method. KEY POINTS: CONSITENCY & STICKING TO THE SCHEDULE. Who said that potty training is easy? For me, potty...

Make dog trianing your hobby!!!

Most people give up dog training because it is just too hard. What are the reason most people think dog training is hard and difficult? Here are some of the reasons. Dog training is hard because no structured guidelines.Dog training is hard because there are too many...